Sunday, December 9, 2007

Picture Day

About a week back, the family took a (very) long drive down to our kiasuer-than-thou neighbours, the little island called Singapore. Probably the only thing I remember doing there, besides having scrumptious meals paid for by rich relatives, is forking out lots of (my dad's) money.

Now, if you remember me drooling over a particular contraption that takes photographs here, I am quite proud to say that I am currently the owner of a brand new, spankingly brilliant Canon 400D.

(Rapturous applause)
(yes lah I syok sendiri, don't go around bursting my bubble)

***We got ripped-off though. The owner of the shop charged us a whopping $ 115 Sing-Dollah for an extra battery and some other things too. Back then, I was way too elated to notice the price. A good rule of thumb is to avoid establishments that don't advertise their prices. Depending on whether or not the keepers like you, they adjust their prices accordingly at their own leisure and discretion. To their credit though, the shopkeeper was a fantastic salesman who actually talked my dad (MY DAD) into buying the camera. If we weren't ripped-off ever so subtly, we might not have gotten the thing in the first place. Sigh, you win some, you lose some.

If you ever get a dSLR, the one thing you have to know is that it involves quite a steep learning curve, unless you've got a natural flair for the darn thing. I know I don't.

Most people who are looking at taking the jump from your average compact point and shoot cameras end up buying a big, bulky SLR only to be intimidated by the numerous buttons and dials all over. In the end, those Rm4000+ babies aren't used to their fullest advantage, with the owners resignedly turning the settings to Auto and letting the camera do the thinking for them.

My dad and I took a trip down to the Curve today, in hopeful search of photo opportunities. You really have to practice to be a good photographer. Anyway, I initially thought myself to be acceptably good at photography, since I pick things up pretty quickly (generally anyway, dancing is a whole other matter) .

I took a whole bunch of pics, but they're so ugly I cringe at the sight of them. I'll be nicer to you lot though; I picked the pictures that don't look so bad.

I've always loved this effect, the water just looks so . . . wet. Forgive my lack of adequate adjectives, my brain is hibernating at the moment.

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