Monday, December 24, 2007

Switchfoot in Malaysia!



(Falls into hysterical fits, faints, and falls flat on the floor)

For the record, I've never used Switchfoot and Malaysia in the same sentence before. But now I have! I really can die in peace now.

If you don't quite believe me, and think that it's probably another case of me having too much to drink (yes, Chinese tea does that oftentimes) you can check it out on the official Switchfoot website.

Or if you trust me to be a legit source of legit information, the table below says it all.

2nd February 08, people! Any takers? I die die also want to go.

I mean, this is Switchfoot we're talking about! Only my favouritest bestest band in the hole-wide-wurld!

As someone phrased it to near perfection,

'please oh Dear God, let me go to this concert! Amen.'

I'm still in shock, so my spelling and grammar wentr down the drain.

EDIT : I'm assuming this is the first concert Switchfoot is having in Malaysia, since I've not heard of any other prior to this one. It's probably (now, I say probably because I don't know) their maiden tour into South East Asia as well, so be sure to support them! They'll be passing through Indonesia (Jakarta) and Singapore before they hit the muddy shores of Kuala Lumpur (for those who don't know, Lumpur is Malay for mud)!

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Anonymous said...

lol just in case you didn't notice, they spelled it Kuala Lampur.
I had quite a laugh about it. XD