Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Light in Motion

The title is supposed to sound reeally cool, so if you didn't think so, do SAY SOMETHING at the nice little box thing at the side. I appreciate hearing feedback (or even things like 'LiKe OMG your bLog suxxxx').

Well anyway, with the exams looming ominously ahead I've had little time to blog and even less time for study. But some nights ago I was feeling restless and started toying with my camera (yes, yes it's a compact digicam, sigh).

This is my compact but . . . I WANT A DSLR and SARAH HAS ALREADY GOT ONE!
Unfair gila ()@*#()*@#.

Okay, so I have 2 words.........Loooong shutter speeeed.
(Yah, Imah gonna failmah math)

Here are the pics of my little experiment with long shutter speed :)

My dad the stoner
I think this is looks really cool. My dad had to stand still for 15 seconds though. It looks as if he's oblivious to the world, which passes him by in a flash. It's slightly pinkish cause I messed with the colour balance. Looks better this way, though.


This is me fooling around, trying to write my name with light. It's supposed to say JON, but didn't turn out all too well.

Light up a hill

In classic Black&White, just so the contrast shows better.


These red streaks are . . . fascinating, somehow. The leave a nice glowy after-effect.

Highway Blues (and yellows)
Took a short walk out to the highway to try and get some shots. Unfortunately, it was way too bright.

These shots are still pretty experimental; me messing with the controls and everything. Still, a compact doesn't give you the freedom a dSLR does. I so want one. I still can't believe Sarah has a Canon EOS 400D when I don't.

Yea lah, I'm too poor to buy one.

Oh damn that is sexy. In bimbo lingo I'd say 'I like' but it's becoming so overused and abused it's just sad. So I say to you, 400D -

'Saya suka' (?)

Farewell, good citizens! (<- has nothing to do with the quote below) Au revoir! Je ne parle pas français!

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