Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Lottery and I

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The King And I.

I watched it at Istana Budaya last Sunday. Pretty good, but nothing I've never seen before.

Probably the only thing I'll remember is meeting Pau (Danial Syafiq) there. I was taking the picture up there, when all of a sudden I got a message from him (that's why one hand is in my pocket). To quote him verbatim : 'I see u'

It sounded really stalkerish then. Scary lah.

And the only quote I remember from the play sounds something like this :

British Emissary Guy : Why Your Majesty, that speech you gave during dinner was just so amusing!
King : (In stuck up-ish voice) Yes, I know. I was forced to laugh. I was just so funny!
Jon : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Snort snort snort*

Alright, moving on to the next event.

I got a lottery ticket!! And no, I didn't buy it myself.

Here's the deal :

I went for a family dinner, it was my relative's 80th birthday so the family totally whacked the top floor of this Chinese restaurant. There were just so many people I've never seen before.

I never realized I was related to all those people I never even knew existed.

Since it was a birthday, we each got an ANGPAO, as was customary. After years of experience, I've come to realize there are a few ways to find out how much is inside. (Yes lah, I bet all of you are experts yourself).

This is a little off-season, but now is a time as good as any.
Anyway :

1. Hold up packet to the light (discreetly of course). Usually if it is thin enough, you'll see a glimmer of those lovely red or green notes peeking through the red packet.
2. Through the feel. Experienced angpao pickers will tell you instantly how much is inside with a little pressing and guessing.

So here we were, my cousins and I, wondering what was in the lovely packets. It didn't really feel right. Something was amiss.

Ripped open the packs. Found lottery tickets. What the Ham?!? Lottery tix of all things! Okay lah - I've never owned one before, so now I can safely say 'Been there, done that'. Still. . . what can you do with 'em?

Dunno. So I used it as a bookmark for Sherlock Holmes and totally forgot about it.

Some days later my dad was asking for it, since the results were out.

O_O !!! Does that mean I'm now a Kazillion dollars richer? I was being optimistic bout things then. But WOW, I can just picture it now. . .

Rolling in the Benjamins, baby!

But wait, something was fundamentally wrong here. The date was correct. The numbers were correct. And then, WHAM. Reality slapped me in the $)*(@&$*(@$ really hard.

It's MAGNUM 4-D donkey, I was looking at TOTO.


So close, yet so far. Think of the amount of Char Kuey Teow I would have been able to buy. Sigh Sigh Sigh.

And so we learn another good moral to take home, from reading hamnoj.blogspot.com

(even if you're Chinese and a 100 years old)

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