Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Ethical Arguments For See-Ham

From the recent slowing of posts, I'm sure most of you realize I've been getting busier and so can't post so often lah.

In fact, I'm supposed to finish up a Euthanasia thing (so morbid, I know) but it's so mind-boggling I'm taking my break even before I start. teruknya saya - so I have to make this quick.

So here it is, a way to win any argument against your friends (I will not be held be responsible in the case of hearing 'I don fren you oredi' from your beloved buddies should you put this method into practice).

But it's really easy to pull off so don't fret over it.

Ahem, let's now assume I'm arguing with Abu over whether or not it is morally wrong to order Char Kuey Teow without see-hams (bloody cockles, which are pronounced see-hum but I like ham, so sue me).

The conversation goes somfink like this :

Abu : Eh, Jon ah, why you donwan see-ham in your char kuey teow? Darn nice wei, especially with all the bloody stuff. You sure you Chinese ah?
Jon : Well don't I look Chinese? (Presents argument for not ordering see-ham)

*Jon unfurls 100 page essay with no paragraph breaks with size 10 and (eeeee!) Times New Roman font*

*Abu's eyes implode*

Abu : Okok macha, you win. Just keep your essay thingamajiggy away.

Drawn by Eugene. I imagine Abu to look like this upon imploding.
Ignore the rude Cantonese words, btw.

Jon is triumphant. Yay.

So there you have it, an example of how to win an argument. Just substitute in whatever arguments you might have into the situation and write a long long master thesis about it. I'd like to do that for my Euthanasia essay too but if my teacher's eyes implode I might mysteriously fail this subject evaluation. Tsk tsk, life's unfair.

P/s : Oh, and awhile back someone actually did ask me if I was Chinese. Her name was Jeandre (she was South African) and she had the loveliest eyes but don't mind that for now.

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