Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Great Escapade

Hello again everyone, today I'll be introducing my bimbotic alter-ego : 'Jonnyboi~'

YES. With the squiggly ~ sign. Say hello, Jonny.


Since I declare myself on sick leave from blogging today, I'll let him (Jonnyboi~) take over for now. Eh Jonnyboi~ ah, make sure you fill our readers in, alright?

Bye~ (ack, it's contagious lah)

(2 miliseconds of profound silence)

PHEEEEEWWWW, liek, dusn dat guy just get on ur nerves? He talks sooooo much and uses soooooo many big big bomb-ass-stick words! My head oso get headache alredi! OK lah Im supposed to tell u guyz about someting very very interesting.

But first I must lay out sum rulez for those pplz who mite not understand dis complikeyted post.

All good bimbo blogz (like mine) must hv dese things:

1. PINK!!! heheheh~~~~~

2. i SUmtImEz liKe TOo TyPE LiEk Dis bUT I gOt headachES today so will tyep normally liek dis so dat its easier for u not so smart ppls so you can read.

3. Looooooadzz of zzzzzzz after every character/word/sentence like dis :

eg: example: i wentzz to de zoozzzz and saw my friendzzzz! dere!! hehe~ and Riza(zzzz) waz acting like der monkeyzzz! hahahaha!

4. Must have bad punctuation (i ctrl-c dis bigword from internet, i hope you knoe wad dis meanzz~~~) liek the above sentence.

5. SMILLEY FACES!! :) :)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D

6. Must be veri de ah lian (eg example contoh : say lah, mah, bah (for sabah-ans), liau and an assortment (i ctrl-c again! so keng leh) of misspelled words and oso chillax)

7. Take lots of pictures of myself~! Itz called camwhoring but sinz im a guy, i camgig!!! hahahahahahahz so funny lah me. i make joke! heheh.

and de lastestest and bestestest iz...........

Oh hi Jon, ur back. Wait....wad are you doing wid dat big heavy looking thing?
You betta becareful in case u hit........wei.........ouch.

*Insert sounds of a bimbotic male getting clobbered with a big-heavy-looking object here*

I'm really sorry I had to put you through all that.

Someone's had been particularly stupid and blonde (no no, not Paris Hilton)-

(GASP! Jonmah has committed the unhammable sin of stereotyping! C'mon angry mob, let's all throw thick slabs of streaky bacon at him!)

-and so I'll tell you what my other self was supposed to tell you now.

Well today in class Mr Winson came up with the brilliant idea that some of us should go running around Malaysia and beyond (Singapore) on a tight budget. You know, just to see if we live or not. WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!

Seriously, it's cool. This is the plan as of now, and is subject to change-

In groups of three students :

1. From school (Sri KDU) we'll be stripped (wait lah, don't get so excited) of belongings - that means money, phones and extra underwear.

2. We find the means to get our own money and get our sorry butts all the way to Singapore. (Malaysians are generally not so kiasu with their money, so it's not half impossible)

3. In Singapore, we're given our budget of 50 sing dollars since they're really kiasu with their money and it would be near impossible to beg, or even for Riza to offer his 'services' for money. Then, we've got a few tasks to complete in the span of 24 hours. And knowing Miss Kalai, It'd probably be things like 'Meet Lee Kuan Yew and tell him that his country is like a little nose-picking on the world atlas'.

4. Get our (by then) even sorrier butts back to Malaysia, land of the Nasi Lemak.

What an adventure it'll be..and you'll be the first to read about it! Aren't you glad now that I've brain-washed you and utterly hooked you to this blog? Even if you're not, do tell me you are just so I die happy.

I'm just really free at the moment lah, okay? <- the statement that justifies the existence of my blog.

postscript : I got a headache and eye strain just from typing out in PINK. And my brain hurts from thinking of so many stupid things to write. It's not as easy as it seems after all. But I guess now I understand why bimbo blogs thrive in such abundance. You can write whatever nonsense you want and people STILL read AND comment (much unlike what goes on here). Of course, I've greatly exaggerated the typical female bimbo. I apologize to the feminists out there.

Signing out, Jonathan.

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