Saturday, June 30, 2007

Three Amazing People

It's been about 5 days since my last post now. I've had lots of work to do lately, people to meet, salts to synthesize, sleep to catch up on and the usual ramblings of school life.

Alright. Today's post is a tribute to three absolutely amazing people who have made my week. I'll feel really guilty if I don't blog about them, and give them the recognition they deserve. Unfortunately, I don't personally know them but they have indirectly affected me, to varying degrees. I don't exactly feel like my humorous self today, so I apologize in advance. (We bloggers are unpredictable creatures, you know)

When I said people, I'm pretty sure you'd have expected a fully fledged adult. But certainly not......Baby Ally? Yes, Baby Ally. She's a baby (no prizes for guessing) and is absolutely adorable.

1. Baby "Whatever" Ally

When my sister first showed me this we were like, "OMGness, that's just sooooooooooo cute!". I'm sure you'll say the same. So cute lah. I think I'm gonna teach my kid that too in the future.

Okay, I just want a chance to say this again:

"She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorableeeeeeeeee! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Alright, rant over.

The next star-studded member of Jonathan's Angels is a face anyone would recognize if they had been actively in touch with the online community these past months.

Some facts:
-She was a finalist in the recent 'Britains Got Talent' Contest.
-She's a fantastic, pitch-perfect singer.
-She has the most adorable smile (she's missing teeth, which makes her all the more adorable)
-She's only 6.

Her name is Connie Talbot, and she's up against Britain's most talented and yet she holds her own ground. She was a favourite to win the competition, for a chance to sing before the Queen. The video might take awhile to load, but it's REALLY worth your time.

Connie in the finals. "Pound for pound, inch for inch, the best 6-year-old singer in the world."

The first time I watched her, I felt tears welling up, until I remembered I was a guy. Seriously, just watching her sing reminds us of our lost innocence, amidst a world where lost causes prevail. When was the last time you looked at someone and saw nothing but a childlike innocence, naive and quite oblivious to the world around her? That's the exact reason why the world has fallen in love with Connie, because she reminds us of the things that we have lost to ourselves as we grow up.

I pray and pray that Connie won't grow up to be a die-cast model of those ridiculous singers and what-not that fill the tabloids and headlines. A part of me wants to tell her to never grow up, but that's just wishful thinking. The chances are, under the limelight and with the pressure of the world on her, she'll turn out no better. But we can still hope, can't we?

I believe I've typed enough, and imposing too much of my philosophy on you. Well, we'll move on then.

Next up is Paul Potts, a man who needs no introduction (unless you've been hiding under a coconut eating biang biang noodles). While he might not look too imposing, a little bit loser-ish even, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the man. He competed with Connie and won the 'Britains Got Talent' show (quite rightfully so, I must add). I thought Connie was good, and absolutely deserved to win...until Paul Potts sang. And now I'm potty over it, and so is the world.

First performance. As some guy aptly puts it, 'See how gobsmacked Simon and the judges are when he starts to sing'

Paul Potts in the finals, a real winner.

I got goosebumps all over just hearing him sing. And nearly cried too (only nearly lah). It really moves you to see a REAL LIVE person go so far. By real live I mean your everyday Jon, the kind that you meet on the streets, the kind that tenders your change in restaurants, the kind that sells you tins of Spam (canned Ham) and rips you off by selling Ah Fesyen shirts.

His story sounds just like one out of the movies. Humble mobile phone salesman, who has no confidence himself, but has a talent he is not aware of, faithful supporting and loving wife gives him confidence in himself, joins competition, wins, wows world (and me!) over. But it's darn right true, he has talent. I must say I'm a self-professed fan of the guy. The four tenors? The amazing tenor Paul Potts? First tenor featured on All within reach of this amazing singer.

He gives life to the oft-quoted quote - If you believe in your dreams, they can come true.

And that sums up my week, and the people who've inspired me throughout. Read, comment and enjoy. I doubt I'll be posting for awhile due to work commitments and my downright laziness (*Grin*). Jon out.

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