Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Pancreatic Romance

Hello again, I'll make this quick, since both you and I have better things to do.
I've gotta study for a physics test and you probably have some other blogs of more interest to browse through.

Anyway, I've done two things today that might be of interest to you people.

1. I've watched a horridly soppy movie. It's called 'The Notebook'. I actually liked it.

Oh fine, I'll admit I'm a huge sucker for a good romance movie. Well yes, some of the lines were a little corny and clichéd, and you can pretty much guess whats happening and going to happen next.

I mean, it all gets predictable after awhile. You don't actually have to guess who dies, who ends up with who...etcetera etcetera. In spite of all that, my pathetically soppy alter-ego decides that it's a good movie because it has a happy ending and has happy moments throughout the movie.

But never mind that.

2. I've listened to Pancreas. No it's not the name of my newest imaginary friend. Neither is it a new kind of roti invented by the ingenious mamaks who come up with so many names for their rotis. Now, I bet half of you don't appreciate your pancreas the way you should. Ask your average Jon on the streets and they might not even know he has a PANCREAS, of all things.

Wait, isn't the pancreas that cartoon character?

Meet Mr Pancreas.

He's even got his own spot on the Walk of Fame!

Moving along; ever heard of Weird al Yankovic? Only like the best parody band to ever exist? It's a real shame if you haven't. Anyway they have one song aptly titled 'Pancreas'.

No prizes for guessing what the song is about. I simply have to say that it is a PANTASTIC (fantastic) song! Man, now you'll no longer have trouble remembering all those bio facts about that oh-so-underrated organ in your body.

Here are the lyrics to the song. It's little lengthy, but oh so darn funny. (It's even incorporated some physics in it)

Weird al Yankovic 'Pancreas'

I'm always thinkin' 'bout it
I don't know what I'd do without it
I love, I really love
My pancreas

My spleen just doesn't matter
Don't really care about my bladder
But I don't leave home without
My pancreas

My pancreas is always
There for me

Secreting those enzymes (bap bap bap)
Secreting those hormones too
Metabolizing carbohydrates
Just for me

Ba-ba ba ba-ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba
My pancreas
Ba-ba ba ba-ba ba ba ba-ba ba
My pancreas

**My pancreas attracts every other
Pancreas in the universe
With a force proportional
To the product of their masses
And inversely proportional
To the distance between them

**by the way, this is actually Newton's Law of Gravitation,
to those of you who understand my lingo.

Woo woo woo woo

Don'tcha you know you gotta
Flow, flow, flow, pancreatic juice
Flow, flow, into the deuodenum

Insulin, glucagon
(Won'tcha flow, flow, flow, pancreatic juice)
Comin' from the islets of Langerhans...
(Flow flow, into the deuodenum)

Can't you see I love my pancreas
Golly-gee I love my pancreas


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