Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Mysterious Death

There's been a death.
Log : 9th June 2007. 1932hours.

Fishy16 was found lying unconscious beneath the drift wood, hidden from plain sight until fishes 1-15, 17-24 detected a foul odour. The National Department of Fishorensics was alerted immediately. It has been widely speculated that this case in under the direction of renowned fishspector, His Imperial Fishness, Sir Cofungus Jon.

When probed for comment, he only replied "Rest assured, justice will be served".

Scene of the crime

Sector 54 of the Skeenefut District is one of the newest pioneering architectural landmarks in the state of Jon's Room.

Officiated only today, it is tragic that it is already plagued with a death.

The victim, only known as Fishy16 had not been carrying any identification at the time. Foul play has not been ruled out as a possibility of the death.

Now for the big question (literally) :

Also present at the scene of the crime were two ex-convicts. J.A. Rummynose Tetra claimed he was taking a bath at the moment of the crime. However, he is on the police list as the first suspect.

Teen gangsters Bob, Leonard, Eric, Tony and Bossman of the Stick-It-To-The-Man scandal were also present. Comments were unavailable as at the time of printing, they were as drunk as fishes. They are suspects number 2.

boss man

**names have been changed and faces blurred to protect privacy.

Shortly after the death, family members and friends gathered at a private ceremony to mourn their loss of Fishy16. Consistent with the family beliefs, they sent him off in typical Gillanian fashion. "He was a good brother and fish. I hope he rests in peace now that he is back in the ocean, where he belongs", says brother, Fishy15.

Final goodbyes.
Picture published courtesy of
Flush-Away-Your-Tears Funeral Home.

The authorities are still working hard in order for justice to be served. If you have any information concerning the case, dial 1800-i got info wei-00.


andrew said...

ahh, u have my deepest sympathy, for the loss of your pet fish. i'll get you another one next time i pass by your house. then i can catch up on you. cheers

Afro Winson said...

very interesting, brother...........

Well, you are in no doubt flaunting your English skills with these posts!!!

Very interesting.... but well, your fish died say yur fish died oni la, so long story for what!! You ah oso very biang la, so many strokes just to say that it's a dead fish.; Really biang biang la you!!

jon said...

hey brudder, thanks for dropping by.
you should know by now how cheong-hei i can get, right?
i think we've coined a new term - biang biang. refers to overly complicated stuff. something like a rube goldberg. Cool, eh?

Anonymous said...

peter pan~

Hangie said...

hey the way u blog is so not the jon mah i know... haha funny side of u, love to see that... keep it up