Friday, June 8, 2007

First Post

as usual, here's how all beginning posts go: (reads aloud in a dull monotonous voice)

i hereby sincerely declare that i will not abandon this blog (at least for the next few months).
i also sincerely declare that i will come up with interesting posts to keep my (to date, nil) readers entertained and your cravings for random facts satisfied.
furthermore, i declare (i bet you're quick sick of my declarations and 'sincerity' by now) that i w........will stop with this.

Alright, now that that's over, it's time for the real star of the day :

Random fact #1!

Well, since I'm currently learning to write Chinese characters, naturally I looked up the most complicated character there was in existence.
Courtesy of the all-knowing Wikipedia, the most complex Chinese character is "biƔng".


Yup folks, step right up and view for yourself the amazing, the spectacular, and the downright redundant.........biang biang! (It's even got a nice ring to it)

At a whopping 57 strokes, which, trust me, is absolutely painstaking to write out, this character is name for a type of noodle in China's Shaanxi province. That's right, a noodle. Seems to me China is just full of creative geniuses.

And since I'm on the road to being a ink-brush-wielding-guy-who-can-write-Chinese, don't be too surprised if you soon encounter a 128-stroke character which means 'turtle soup that is triple boiled in papaya juice with extract of lotus flower and crunchy vegetables served with fried onion rings'. So all you'd have to do is say I want a bong bong soup, and wa-la!-you've got some uber-fancy soup with the mention of just three characters!

Just in case I've scared you into thinking I'm absolutely deranged, trust me - I'm not (protests sound in the background). So much for a first post, eh? Thanks for the drop by anyway, and enjoy your soup!


sarahtan said...

hello!! guess what i just sort of started a blog yesterday! hahah.. out of boredom! ahhhh... i should be back to my assignmentss.till then... intruder no 3.. as recorded...toodles

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh u blog nonsense people! sarah what's your blog?
i have one to... stashed somewhere.
biang. my gosh. jsut shows that chinese people want the long way through everything.

sarahtan said...

haha!ill tell when its fully establish and till i hv a soft launch. haha! weee... gosh jon! u r very free! however a very creatively found story of the Fishy16? yup yup! go be a director!interesting!

sharon said...

lol! YOU ARE SO FUNNY! hahhahahahah