Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ah Fesyen

Hey there!

Wanna look uber funky and groovy this summer season? Look no further as the new Hammelicious wardrobe line is bringing you the "Ah Fesyen" Designer Line.

Ah Fesyen 1 is a stunning complimentary blend of retro chic colours such as white, grey, and more white.

Not only that, it only serves a dual purpose not only as a enviable top, it is also a fully fledged sport attire! New patent Hole-In-The-Sleeve technology allows freedom of movement and also good air flow to your arms and more!

Check it out today at hamnoj.blogspot.com!

A model posing with Ah Fesyen 1.
*Note the Hole-In-The-Sleeve technology

Size : Free size
Condition : Only worn about two hundred times.
Brand : dunno leh
Colour : White
Starting price : RM 50
Price after discount : RM 20

Note to reader : Price is non-inclusive of shipping costs and model.

Be a true Malaysian and support our cause today!

**Disclaimer : hamnoj.blogspot.com is not responsible in the case of me ripping you off.

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