Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chemicals in Action

I nearly got roasted today.

I got some Chemicals from the Lab to go home and experiment with. So there I was, happily stirring my Chemical X and Chemical Y (names obscured for YOUR safety) and then adding some Sodium Bicarbonate every now and then.

Crazy stuff, these two.

Well, I suppose no good comes from trying to do experiments in a Metal Tin over a Gas Stove. Still, I was itching to make something, so I went on ahead anyway.

And there I was, stirring a peanut-buttery like substance. I didn't really notice it, but eventually the chemicals got too hot, and all of a sudden. . .


Before I knew it, I was Roast Ham.

I swear it! The flames were as high as my head and there was a MASSIVE amount of smoke given off. It looked as if my house had been hit by the haze of something. Fortunately, I only suffered some little burns. Imagine if that thing was pointed directly at me. Just look how burnt the can is (I used a perfectly shiny, new can, so go figure) !


That does it, no more home-brewed chem experiments for me. Really really really. I'd like to keep all my body parts intact for now.

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