Saturday, January 12, 2008

I dream of rainbows and ponies

Ignore the title. I just felt like typing something random.

I know what you're thinking. I bet you're already picturing this:


I was thinking more along the lines of manly He-ponies wielding killer gamma-ray emitting rainbows. If you're wondering how that works, then that makes the two of us.

See, I've officially gone detrimentally wacko.

The point is, I did have a rather weird dream yesterday.

Jonmah in snoozy-woozy lala land.

No, it didn't have anything to do with me climbing a Jacob's ladder to the land of eternal buffets, unfortunately.

Neither did it have anything to do me having lunch with Carrie Underwood. That's daydreaming, and unlike dreaming, you do have some measure of control over that, until the inevitable adolescent hormones kick in.

It started as all dreams start, where you find yourself somewhere quite familiar.

I found myself at home, because I didn't want to attend a particular family dinner. By now, I realized it was a dream because it was a FREE dinner (paid for by grandpa, so it's free for us lah). And customarily, because my Grandpa had expensive taste-buds and an exquisite sense of refinement when it comes to matters pertaining to food, we would normally go to, well, to say the least, restaurants that served good food.

Honestly, how could I NOT go?

But well, as dreams often go, things don't happen very logically.

So there I was, at home, alone. HUNGRY. Blardi Hial, I still don't understand why I didn't go! Anyway, being hungry AND alone, I decided to call up someone to go for dinner.

And since I can't drive . . . she did.

I'm feeling so =.= just writing this post. The thing is, if you knew her, she doesn't drive yet. Whether it's age, or time constraints or plain I-don't want-to-drive, I'll let you speculate.

So right, SHE drove me there. And since girls are generally bad with directions, I chose the restaurant lah. Actually, I was quite torn between two priorities of equal consequence. Girl or food? You see, at this point I was probably raving mad with hunger, dribbling at the mandibles, uh...I mean foaming at the mouth, so I figured a candlelight dinner with a romantic ambiance would probably take too long for the food to arrive.

If I get the girl, and still end up dying, all my life's work would have gone to waste. As you can see, self-sustenance comes first, so that ruled the candlelight dinner out.

I consoled myself then, saying 'Chinese restaurant also got candle light mah.'

True enough, there are little candles at the tables of Chinese restaurants. Of course, it's more to keeping the flies away than anything else. And the flame of the candle probably pales in comparison to the glaring glow of the fluorescent light tubes. Meh, the Chinese really have no subtlety or tact.

Ok-lor, so then we drove up to this place. I had been there numerous times on numerous occasions and over and over again, they have proven themselves worthy of the visits. And the fact that the food was served quickly was an added bonus.

Then we stepped inside.

Hold on, I really have to catch my breath here.

Seriously, whatever happens next, DON'T LAUGH. It's not funny (for me, anyway).

Basically, the WHOLE restaurant was jam-packed with my relatives. I nearly died.

My grandpa probably booked the whole restaurant and called for a family reunion. Then they all turned around to see who had entered (or maybe they heard the sound of my jaw dropping).

Oh crap.

You do realise that bringing a girl to dinner with your family is tantamount to saying "this is my, you know, 'friend' ". And the WHOLE family was there.

I must have been shocked out of my sleep then, because I don't remember what happens after.

And that, my friends, is why I feel so =.= today.

Someone cheer me up.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm, i don't know whether this might help, but all of your relatives might suddenly well up with tears and go "awww... jonny has become a big boy...."

and i so agree with the part that chinese restaurants is about food and practicality, i mean, the chef even chops up the meat and vege for you so you can shovel it down your throats and they can seat the next customers

jonmah said...

haha! rightly said.

Well, its not so much what the relatives think, it's more towards saving face on my side.