Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to business

It's back to school, for those who care. The first two days of school were a jumble of franticness and being overly lax. A strange paradox, I know. All the teachers were basically laying out the 'year plan' for us, and all the datelines for ALL our work, throughout the year.

'Blardi Hial!' (in a Mr Soong-esque fashion)

But it's to be expected, life isn't a bed of roses. It's time to slap myself and pull up my socks! Not like they're not high enough already.

And so I digress.

I went shopping! (Yay!)

And bought books! (Aww...)

Obviously 'A Walk to Remember' isn't for me, but I just might get around to reading it, oh you know, if I really really have nothing to do.

And even more recently, Friday night to be exact, I went for a movie. Not a good time, considering the amount of residual work I have stacked up. It was a really spontaneous decision. It went something like this:

(Setting - Dinner table. Props -food)

Dad : So when do you want to go watch National Treasure 2?
Me-lah : How about now?
Dad : Alright!

And that was it. We rushed off, grabbed jackets and everything. It was 9.00pm. The movie schedule said 9.20pm or some other ungodly hour. Oh die!

And that wasn't just it, I had to buy my SWITCHFOOT tickets as well! You know, just in case a throng of mad switchfoot revelers suddenly snapped up ALL the tickets and I would fall into depression, have a nervous breakdown and stay that way for the rest of my short life! Anyway, when we got there, got everything done, it was 9.30!

Blardi Hial! I'm really using a lot of exclamation marks!!!

So, National Treasure!

Okay, anyway. The point was we didn't get the 9.20 tickets. We bought the 9.50 ones instead. Sad thing was, there were no more consecutive seats so the three (dad, sis, me) of us had to sit all over the cinema. Bah, and there was this guy next to me muching his popcorn noisily AND all the while giving 'supplementary info and LIVE feed commentary' to some other person.

You know, it seriously gets annoying after awhile. I mean, idiot! You don't say things like 'OMG@&%! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?' Obviously she freaking saw it! You're sitting a foot away from her in the same BeepBeepBeep cinema!!! Okay-lah. He didn't actually say that, but if anyone did I would get seriously annoyed about it.

Right, anyway the movie wasn't too bad. I preferred the first one though, where the bad guys were badder and the treasure looked more treasurey. (I know, I know, adjectives, don't be all harsh on me) The first one was very well paced, and didn't feel too long or draggy at all. This one was too, except I couldn't stand Nicholas Cage's mumbling.

Thank goodness for Diane Kruger!

And once again, I digress.

I lost $$$$$$$$. . .

It's almost amazing how much it costs you for entrance to a stupid concert. Wait, I didn't just say stupid! It's a great concert, stupid fee. Blame it on Axcess, the ticketing company who's in charge of ticket fees.

I can almost smell...SWITCHFOOT!

Seriously, I'm going crazy with anticipation.

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