Wednesday, September 26, 2007

(Yet another) Blogging Break

Since I just downed a cuppa coffee, I thought I might as well get this done with, seeing how I'll be up all night anyway.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (EXAMS!), and many other events (mostly EXAMS!), I have once again decided to run away the heavy responsibility that is blogging. Yes, I admit, I'm more interested in my Rubik's Cube at present.

Right now, I have the following to be completed :

1. EXAM! Prep. That's a lot of Math to revise.
2. World Lit Essay.
3. A quintillion million gazillion hamillion chameleon physics practicals

4. A whole ton of Business questions
5. Mandarin Essays
(wo bu zhi dao la)
6. Something else (so this list looks more imposing)

Okay lah, listed down it doesn't look like alot, but that's how life is. It's like idiotic chemicals who refuse to react the way they're supposed to. The textbooks say this but nooooooo, they just have to differ by 106kJs!!!


Okay again, my brain is overloaded with Rubik's algorithms and what-not.

But I swear after Raya I'll be back with a vengeance. I'll spam a whole load of posts and you'll just HAVE to read them over and over again till your eyes bleed and you start reciting 'Hamelot' in your sleep - IN MANDARIN.

I've officially gone detrimental.

Technically, it should read on holiday, but it couldn't fit. Another case of bad photoshopping. Blah.

Storming off and smelling off caffeine,

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