Sunday, September 16, 2007

Miss Kalai

No, I'm not dedicating this post to Miss Kalai or anything.

Awhile ago, she walked up to me and demanded that I remove a particularly unflattering picture I posted up some while ago from my blog. To view the now condemned post, click HERE.

Now on the main point, HOW DO THESE PEOPLE FIND ME????? No Miss Kalai, I'm not implying that you're someone who's Technologically Backward and doesn't know how to use Google to stalk keep up with your students. I just don't really understand how these people managed to find me on the WWW (that's world wide web). Well, let me tell you something else.

One day I was happily (or not, I can't remember) waiting for my ride home, when two girls from the school popped up to talk to Jorrel. When he had to take a call, they suddenly turned to me instead.

Girl whose name I do not know #1 : Hi, we read your blog. It's really good.
Jon : Uhh, hi. Do I know you?
Girl whose name I do not know #2: Nope.
Jon : Are you sure you've got the right person?
Girl whose name I do not know #2: Yup.

Or something like that lah. It's pretty amazing, once you think about it, just how much the Internet has expanded over the last few years. Sometimes in our classes, when we're hopelessly out of our minds with boredom, we log on our MSN messengers and start sending digital nudges to everyone else in class. To think that that one signal traveled halfway around the world, only to be received by someone half a meter from yourself. It's true when they say the world is getting flatter.

Woah, I'm way off my original topic. Finally, then, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, be it Miss K or Girl WNIDNK #1 and #2. Frankly, I'm a little overwhelmed by the fact that people (plural, my friends) actually read my blog!

Minor rant over, Jon signing out.

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