Monday, October 1, 2007


And thus, Doomsday begins.

Die lorr.

This week I'll be having my final year exams, and its crazy what the teachers packed into one week. Math, English, Physics and Mandarin in just 3 days! Thats crazy, Boss!

And today was Math. We're all finished, I tell you. I've never seen so many blank spaces in a 'finished' paper before. In other words, I SUCK at Vectors big time. The other questions were tough, but not so bad to the point that I leave them absolutely blank. But VECTORS, oh gosh, I'm just so dead lah.

Well, I gotta go eat bananas now. Happy Puasa-ing to all who are Happily Puasa-ing and Buka Puasa-ing. And likewise, happy PMR-ing to those who are.

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