Monday, October 13, 2008


Some months back, Jorrel introduced me to this (near) unheard of Japanese artist - Kashiwa Daisuke and his album, 'Program Music 1'.

The man himself, Kashiwa Daisuke.

Needless to say, since then I've gone raving mad about it. I must confess that I downloaded the album to give it a listen, considering that it's impossible to find in Malaysia. After a few listens I was totally captivated. I could honestly say it was the most beautiful piece of music I had ever heard.

Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music 1

So yes, in defiance of the typical Malaysian spirit of 'download and listen but never support the artist in question', I decided to purchase the album, but after trawling through pages and pages of the internet, I still couldn't find anywhere to buy it. After months of antagonizing over it, Jorrel found this local distributor that ACTUALLY IMPORTED GOOD MUSIC. Huzzah!

Well, nuff said. We placed an order and waited. Patiently. And waited some more. Between the both of us, we bought 5 copies, at RM45 each. Oh, and the whole album consists of two songs. I only like one of them.

AND SHE ARRIVED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tell you, the whole purpose of having your own personal blog is the document your life's achievements/memories/girlfriends, etc etc. AND TODAY IS WHERE I REALISE THAT DREAM! I'm sorry for typing in caps, but I'm ridiculously ecstatic about it.

After school we drove of to meet the distributor guy/person/dude. I couldn't wait.

Stella (the title of the first song) was waiting, all 5 of her.

So beautiful, sniff.

So there she was, sitting demurely on my lap (all 5 of her, again). Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks, unbeckoned. Okay lah, maybe not. But I couldn't wait to get home to listen.



Topdown. Yeah, she looks good from all angles.

Oh Stella. I took her in my hands, slowly peeling away the flimsy low density Polyethylene that covered her frame. Basking in the rays of the glorious sunlight, she was a sight to behold.

Unpretentious, unwrapped for all to see, and still so lovely it's making me want to cry.

Oh the shinyness!

Then, with her in my hand (and Jorrel), we ventured into the Sanctuary of Surround Sound, as I placed her upon the pedestal of DVD player awesomeness. In my haste, I dropped her. I nearly cried :(

I picked her up again, ever so gently. This time, round and round she whirred, until a barely perceivable whisper sounded from the recesses of her being.

It was Stella.

For 36 minutes and 7 seconds, I sat there, eyes shut, body immobile. And just listened.

There it is, happiness in a CD case.

You'd think we're crazy, shelling out 45 bucks for one CD (one song, actually), and then sitting in total darkness for 36:07 minutes, without twitching a muscle. I think I'm going crazy myself, but just sitting there, listening to beauty laid bare, removed from the earthly world for those minutes that just flew by, it's almost unfathomable to regret.

Stella is stellar, indeed.

Hmmph. And they said money couldn't buy you happiness.


sarahtan┬║¤° said...

five copies for just both of you? why so many?

anddd RM45 for two sonngsss ??? *speechless*

that good?


Jonathan Mah said...

mmhmm :)

It's really good. Come over some day and I'll let you have a listen.