Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hey there's somthing over there looming ominously in the corner! OMGWTFBBQ! Wait, I think it's a. . .no! It's not a . . ! But it can't possibly be...!

Right, it's exam season again. Just yesterday I took my SAT subject tests along with Winson and Jorrel. Yeah, sat (past tense of 'sit') for my SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) on a sat(urday). Punny Funny eh? To put it simply, I didn't know nuts about what the test was about, much less what to expect. I knew there would be 'Math' questions, 'Physics' questions and 'Chemistry' questions, but I suppose that doesn't tell you a great lot. So yes, I wasn't very prepared.

In fact, just that morning, a dialogue much like this took place in the car, on our way to the test:

Jonno: Hey, winson, it says here I need pencils for the test. I don't have any. How leh?

Winson: I sorta expected that from Jon. Here. (Passes me ONE pencil).

Jorrel: I don't have pencils either.

(silence and dot dot dots)

Jonno: Uhm, I uh, don't have an eraser.

Winson: Me neither.

(after much persuasion, Jorrel relents and we divide his extra eraser into two)

Jorrel: You owe me another eraser.

Jonno: Say, would anyone happen to have an extra calculator on hand?

(more dots follow)

Uhuh, to say the least, we weren't at all prepared for the SATs. It would actually be funny if I did well for Math.

And with exams, I can't afford any more distractions. Have to switch back to asexual (pretend-not-to-like-girls) mode. You know, the past raya week has been considerably productive, considering I studied for like, 4 or 5 WHOLE days. I think just this week, I've spent more hours poring over books and mathematical equations than I have for SPM and PMR, added together.

But with the IB exams looming just around the corner, there's no time for anything else! They're only 29 days awaaaaaaaaay!

And yes, as a few of you might have already deduced, this means I can't visit, much less update my blog for a month or so. Yealah, it's not like it's not already dead, but this is the officiating statement :

THIS BLOG IS DED. DEEEEEEEED (pronounced 'dead'), or will be for the next month.

I've really got to spend all the time I have studying lah. I'm the type who sits at my desk for two hours, but really only about 20 minutes of it gets into my head. So long, farewell, I'll be back before you know it so don't fret or lose sleep over not having intellectualy stimulating for an extended period of time.



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