Saturday, April 12, 2008

IB Bowling Outing

Today the IB students of Sri KDU went bowling, you know lah-to get rid of some steam so we don't kill ourselves slaving over Internal Assessments. We had plenty of fun, although there were a lot of longkang balls from our side of the game. All in the name of good fun :)

And here we have pictures! Everyone loves pictures. I set my camera on auto, though, so some pics didn't turn out so well. Lazy mah, what to do?

Jorrel bowling. He was pretty good, actually. Much better than my straight-but-straight-into-longkang throws.

Yvonne's throw. Quite funny to watch, though her expressions were probably funnier. (Picks up shoe and throws it at you!)

Heh. I had my share of longkang as well.

Shafiq Psychoe's exuberance. Quite amusing to watch him bowl as well, and seeing his leg pop out at funny angles when he throws. Heh.

Eugene here, shuffle-bowling. Another happy bowler. I remember him jumping on Andrew after striking. Why though, I don't recall.

Aleen (left), one of the co-conspirators in this whole bowling fiasco. Caught her (literally) red-handed!

Mr. Danny contemplating his next shot. Tension betul.

We met Ru Ann there, somehow. I thought she was somewhere in Australia when she popped up all of a sudden. Funny eh. And I do wonder what that huge thing is that Daniel's wanting to get his hands on.

Scorpions in One Utama! What a huge publicity gimmick. Admittedly though, it piqued the interest of curious shoppers, as there was a huge crowd milling around that area. Eg: yours truly.

I was shooting this particular snake with my Canon (man, I love that pun) when Riza pointed out a snake on top of the cage, just sitting there idly, OUTSIDE the cage. I got a fright out of that, when he so gracefully laughed in my face. It was fake. Blah.

There you have it, the IB people do have lives, after all. I personally doubt my team will win that much-coveted food voucher, since we bowled quite badly. Well, at least we had lots of fun. Alrighty now, back to work. EE for me, as Mr. Sai Mun so nicely pointed out.

Warning: Long rant ahead.

And on the way back, something happened that was pretty infuriating. I caught a cab from the taxi stand right outside the complex. I wasn't really expecting any trouble, having taken the cab plenty of times. It was a quick 5 minute hop to my place from One Utama, and usually cost anything between 4-5 ringgit.

But What-The-Ham, when I got home the meter said 7 ringgit. I so desperately wanted to expose his evil rigged meter scheme, but I thought better against it. He was this Indian guy with piercings. Not that I'm racially discriminating against Indians, but when guys like that have piercings, he might not be your average Muthu.

So right, I was already fuming and everything lah, but I parted with my 7 bucks. But no, Mr. Scary Piercing Dude told me that it costs another additional RM5, because it was a special taxi. WHAT THE HAM? It didn't look at more special than other taxis. After arguing for a bit, I relented lah.

12 ringgit indeed. This just screams daylight robbery. And bad consumerism on my part. Bah. A word of warning. Don't ever get into a cab from a company called 'Bestoden Sdn. Bhd.'. I might just be sore from my little scuffle, but I happen to think they're cheap conmen, so don't get into a taxi from the company.

And the thing is, once I got home, still fuming, I called up 103, the phone directory to get the company's number to go lodge a complaint. The company wasn't listed. I wanted to go like this: -______-"

Never mind, I consoled myself. I turned to the Almost Almighty Google and hey! they did have a listing with a number to call. But WHATTHEHAM again, the number wasn't in service.

Something about this smells terribly fishy, and no, it wasn't my socks. So, girls and boys, remember that 'Bestoden Sdn Bhd' is a bad bad cab company that cheated me of some 8 ringgit, so never never never get into a cab from them!

Muhahahahahaha cough cough cough choke faint die.

Okay, bye.


Yvonne said...

WAT EVER, jon..
I will really take my shoe and throw it at you tomorrow..

Jonathan Mah said...

:D glad you had fun too.

i'll watch out for flying shoes tomorrow.

danial syafiq said...

your posts are so so fun to read!!!

on a more serious note, i know how you feel about the cab fiasco. been there. those ppl deserve to (die) be exiled to some island in the pacifics.

Jonathan Mah said...

oh thanks pau! I'm so so flattered. No, seriously - one of the most rewarding things about blogging is being told your posts are a good read. i'm glad my posts are fun to read, not emo or depressing or whatever. :)

You've made my day. Cheerio!