Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YF Camp 2008 and what's next

I was up in the highlands for the past few days for a youth camp. It was cold. I suppose Cameron Highlands still is quite cold, despite all that global warming going on, which is a good thing!

When you come of age, you take on responsibilities. They pile up, and camps that were once primarily laughter and sunshine become a bit less sunny. I had to play the bass for practically all the sessions, and hardly had free time to go aimlessly gamboling around. But I suppose it was enjoyable too, in it's own way.

But it was great up there, enjoying the food and fellowship of friends all around. Oh, and a family reunion as well. Two cousins, an aunty, a sister and a dad were there as well, so I never ran out of things to laugh at.

Our mini family reunion. We were supposed to put on emo faces, but as apparent in the picture, I didn't feel quite sad enough.

The graduating YF bunch. We're spiraling all the way awaaaaay! Off to uni and what-not.

It was fun while it lasted, but camp concluded whatever fun I'm supposed to have for the rest of this hols. University applications are The-Next-Big-Thing on The List. Got to apply to a million and one unis, which are all royal pains in my very royal places.

Even when I thought the work was over - IB finals, SAT subject tests, TOEFL, SAT reasoning tests, there are few major hurdles left.

Back to work. Bah, humbug.

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charislah said...

You said it all, dude :)