Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Horrible Pun #1

Hello everyone. I know I’ve not been updating for awhile, so here’s something to whet your appetites.

So right, we were feeling really lame in Math one day. Yeah, I know. Statistics are hilarious.

Then in the spur of the moment, I came up with a pretty bad pun. No matter, I’m here to inundate your brain with the redundant and the ridiculous anyway, so here it is.

How does THIS:

Equal THIS?

Think about it for awhile. And scroll slowly.


G  R  A  P  H

G      R      A      P      H

G      R   A   P   H

G      R A P H




Don’t start pelting rocks at me, I told you it was a horrible pun.

Have a good day!


I tell you, this post was heck tough to format, in terms of HTML. The upside is, I learnt something new! Like this nifty cool line above this PS section.

Antoine de-Saint Exupery says that we learn through resistance. This, I believe to be true. If you haven't heard of the man, go read up one of his books. He's an excellent writer, and his book 'The Little Prince' is now clamouring for first place in my favourites list.

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